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Precision Paint & Tile™ is here to serve the remodeling, tile installation, repair and painting needs for new and long time residents of beautiful New York City and area. We provide only excellent service to our friends and neighbors.

We have been in business for over 20 years in New York CityOur reputation and support over the years is based on doing high-quality, professional work.

                                                          We are insured and guarantee all our work.

                                                         Please contact us today to plan your project.

We specialize in kitchen and bath renovations, all tile work, including the repair of tiles, removal of old tiles to install new tile in kitchen, bathroom, walls, back splashes and floors, interior and exterior. We use waterproof liners and are experts at installing complex patterns. We use all types of paints, and we repair walls, doors, frames, floors, base boards, cabinets, and trim in all finishes.


Over 400 photos of our work, including recent jobs,

are on Facebook and in the Gallery of the menu.


We are a locally owned insured small business. I and my skilled helpers are highly skilled, and together we personally perform all work to assure the highest level of quality. We are friendly, polite, easy to work with, and we keep our word.

In 1945 the Tile Council of America (TCA) was established. This Council tests and sets all industry standards for the correct professional installation of all tile and types of tile in North and South America. A professional tile installer adheres to these standards to give you beautiful long lasting results. All our work is based on the standards and professional construction methods of Tile Council of America.

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Thank you, to all of our clients over the past 20 years, we appreciate the work, and the many great clients we have been able to serve. Nothing is more gratifying to us than a happy client at the end of a job. To our future clients, we are available to provide you with an estimate, and begin your project. We specialize in painting, wall repair and skim coating, any type of tile work, remodeling, flooring, kitchen and bath repairs, and general repairs. Call us, when you want quality work at a fair price. We also do repairs on poorly done work, and the completion of unfinished work.

If you are thinking about having work done, please contact us for an estimate. You can communicate by email, call, or press the “Estimate”  button on the menu above. We answer all inquiries and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about work you need to have done. Whatever the job, we will work with you to achieve just the look you have envisioned. We are courteous, reliable, easy to work with, and will go out of our way to make sure your project is a stress free positive experience with great results.

At Precision Paint & Tile™, we are proud of our dedication to our work, and to the satisfaction of our clients. We specialize in high quality work and are detail oriented. You can expect an accurate written estimate, the use of quality materials, top quality work, correct and careful preparation, and complete clean up after the job.

- 20 years experience in painting, remodeling and repairing interiors

- Kitchen, bathroom, and complete apartment and house remodeling

- Plastering, skim coating, framing and partitions

- Experienced in large and high end versatile installations

- Apartments, houses, offices, and commercial

- All type of wood work

- Painting and tiling apartments, houses, offices, stores, hallways, stairs and entry ways, etc.

- And anything else! Almost!   : * )




- Interior non-supporting walls built, framing, sheet rock

- Complete apartment and home remodeling

- Kitchen and bathroom remodeling


- Top quality, meticulous workmanship

- Wall repair, plastering and skim coating

- Quality materials, (Benjamin Moore Paints, and Minwax wood finishing products)

- Multi color, speciality and faux finishes

- We leave the job spotlessly clean, every day, and when we are finished


- Bathrooms, kitchens, back splashes, floors, entry ways, anywhere tile can be installed

- Ceramic, glass, stone and marble

- Beautiful and complex patterning, precise cutting and tile setting


- We strip doors, frames, fireplaces, wood paneling and wainscoting

- Wood refinishing, staining, varnish and polyurethane finishes                                                            


Jim Lamm


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